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When and Why to Get an Appraisal
May 18th, 2010 11:55 AM
With summertime coming, many people are planning to take a vacation, especially since the kids are out of school. This also happens during the Winter break. For this reason, now is a popular time for many persons to get appraisals done in order to Refinance their homes for additional cash flow. This is always popular as well before and after special events and holidays, when cash is needed for gifts and/or recovery from buying gifts, etc. Also, when new tax assessments are released, some homeowners see the need to appeal this assessment, as they typically view it as too high, and are looking for a reduction in their tax basis. For other legal reasons (eg: bad debt, federal tax liabilities, etc), an appraisal of real property may be requested. When a family situation changes, appraisals are sometimes needed. When a family member dies, an estate is typically formed, and there is a need to value that estate. That is where an appraisal can be very useful. When a couple faces a divorce, an appraisal could be needed to value the assets that are to be divided. Of course, when a new home is purchased or sold, and/or when someone is transferred out of town by their work, appraisals (Full, Drive By, or Relocation Appraisals) are needed to value the property transferring ownership to determine a sales price or to obtain financing. These are not the only reasons appraisals are needed. Sometimes persons just want to know what their property is valued at for other personal reasons. A certified appraiser can fulfill all these needs, as well as appear in court (when necessary) to defend their work. We are here 24/7 to assist you, no matter what reason you have to get an appraisal!

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